Anahita Rezaallah

Light plays a crucial role in our understanding of the surrounding environment and it has the ability to provoke different emotions in us. This minimal installation tries to emphasize and play with these characteristics.

It is designed for the “Light on – Light Off” Exhibition of Objet Design Platform in Tehran – Iran, consisting of 100×70 rectangular cupper plate, which is concaved in the middle. Wrinkle and creases of the edges brings viewer’s attention to the ductile and flexible nature of cupper that is used in craft since ancient times. The middle part is filled with water that on one hand emphasizes stability of the heterogeneous container and on the other hand posses the ability to manipulate the light by refraction.

A linear red array of light emanating from a small and almost hidden source strives to sparks viewer’s curiosity and encourages searching for the light source. The single frequency (laser) sharp and linear light source is chosen because of its contrast with curvature of container and fluidity of water, although in a certain angle it is refracted by water and changes when it touches the creases of container to play with viewer’s senses and perceptions.

As the Persian poet Rumi says, “Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of moon.”