Khane Va Memari

In Khane VA Memari, based on a 10-year experience of cooperation with most reputable international brands such as Armani/Roca from Italy, Roca from Spain, and Moso from the Netherland, and by applying educated and experienced human resources, we have adopted a qualitative approach to provide optimal solutions to a diverse range of market requirements, in a segment that value the same principles in particular.

Our passionate vision to design in addition to an endless endeavor for enhancement in all stages of our service, from choosing the right solution to installation and maintenance, lid us to develop a mutual and constructive relationship with clients, which facilitates the transmission of the knowledge behind a product. In this way, designers, managers, and builders can make their decisions readily and precisely.

In our attempt to promote an environmentally friendly approach, we place a premium on green products and solutions as a crucial fundament for a better future. We are proud that as an outcome of our efforts, we have had the chance of participating in several significant projects not only as an associate but a trustable friend.