Baharak Keshani

Hossein Ghaffari

Obviously, space and objects can be understood by light. Space and objects divulge the different features and impressions based on modality and structure of the light that radiate them and with change the technical specifications of light in the space and against the objects or materials, the different realizations achieved, so we looking for modality renovation of changed objects or materials, unto the light.Regarding realization wanted, we needed to the substantiality of light, appearance the light, expanding the light at the we tried to have an enlightening volume, transparent, aglitter and shaped by the form organization, and instead of light diffusion, it can create the luminous object to shining and dance of shadow and light.Now hypo technical materials (here is copper) are against the light and to see how dose changing modality happen? Decomposed? Melted? Thread?The result was melting the metal as the light container feature, flexible, shapeless, mocker and fine.