Firouz Firouz

Sconce Desig

Sail, Flame, Spirit, Dusk, Dawn, Tenderness, Soft, Romance, Naz,


My designs are always products of a necessity to solve a problem big or small.

The sconce (Sail) was first conceived in New York 1 986 with Nasser Ahari my partner at the time.

We wanted the diffuser to be like a sail made of natural material. The cavity wall allows us to design the casing of the lamp so it can disappear behind the diffuser.

After a long process we selected the ONYX stone for its transparency, ability and beauty.

Today after 31 years I am rejuvenating this idea for an exhibition in Tehran.

The Onyx(in three different shapes and colors) and Copper will come from the Iranian quarries and will be hand carved in the local ateliers.

Each diffuser will be different in its natural pattern.

The sail will be a lamp of romantic softness.