The subject of this exhibition is tables and small functional volumes from Iranian stones. The main idea of this exhibition has taken from the culture of sitting around Korsi (which is a warm table that people use in cold seasons all around Iran).

In this third Objet event, designers and sculptors have been asked to answer this question with their thought and art; how could an object like a table be the center of spending long hours and doing common activities?

Designers have been chosen from various generations and fields of work. Either some works were selected from the workshop with the same subject.

To focus and discover the materials’ potentials, the third exhibition of Objet focused on the stone material and the designers were called to make the product design field more mobile by thinking and discussing the material. Human interaction which is one of the main subjects of the exhibition is about to lead this field to nowadays social issues. Neglect of social life especially in this complex and multi-dimensional era would lead the design field to isolation.