How we can design everyday objects in order to not only interact with the user in a different way but also have scalable features and represent new values with innovation in the meaning for customers and producers in a way which they tend to buy and produce it.

In this exhibition, we decided to focus on furniture related to the building which is understandable for architects and industrial designers. “Vanity Unit” as bathroom furniture can be used for residential and non-residential uses such as hotels and offices although our focus was on residential uses.

What problems does the designer face as a final user with existing products (vanity unit and the cabinet) for public and private spaces which don’t answer the user’s needs?

The main purpose of this exhibition is the mass production of desired products trying to stay away from existing designs in the market and execution details should be designed considering the mass production capability with economic justification as much as possible.

Suggested values ​​of the product presented at the exhibition:

Innovative, adaptable(scalable), eye-catching, original, high performance, interaction with the user.