Hamid Naserkhaki – Banafsheh Darvish


“The Whale” is a project aiming to critique the relation between subject and object, coming to this dialectical relation in the process of designing a light-giving object from inside an enlightening subject.
The contemporary world abounds with innumerable dialectical relations that have surrounded us since the birth of thinking, as particularly manifested in the time span between Plato and Derrida. Perhaps the latest of these dialectical forms is to be found in the consumption style emerging from the heart of the most recent cutting-edge technologies, the most famous and outstanding of which is the IOS/Android opposed duo. While IOS is a closed platform, homogeneous with minimalistic productions, Android is an open one, heterogeneous with maximalistic acts. Choosing the flashlight in either IOS or Android to light up space is one way of stepping into the most contemporary dialectics of today’s human. The lights resulting from the combination of IOS and Android points to a medial and in-between world that we call the utopia of life. This combination is visible in the present work as either the choice of a double-layered object or the Fibonacci structure. To understand the whale, one must go inside the whale – either Jonah-like or Pinocchio-like – and shine out from inside.