OBJET presents The First Iranian lighting show entitled “ Light on, Light off ”.
OBJET brings together 27  different lighting pieces by architects, artists, and industrial designers.The exhibition takes place at the Niavaran Cultural Center in Tehran, Iran. The duration of the exhibition is 1 week. The concept of the exhibition is by Elnaz Tehrani.

In this exhibition, there are limitations on material type; A combination of cooper with other materials. The exhibition is an engaging journey across copper applications in contemporary design.  Different uses of copper in design will be presented through a multiplicity of works of art, objects of design and movie.

Copper is capable of conveying complex messages. The sense of dynamism and change, the sense of energy pervading this material, have allowed artists to produce great innovation in exploiting the potential of copper in their works.

Architects and designers must use light as their subject matter. Try to “personify” light. ” in the concept statement. The pieces are designed to “shape” light, generating reflections and shadows in the gallery space. Their objective in this work is to make objects that would present space and light as tangible elements within the context of a rich materiality.